• Our Story

    As working professionals with medical conditions, we were searching for bracelets that were well-made, practical but also versatile enough to keep up with our everyday lives. We couldn’t find anything so we started Code Blue Jewelry.

    We made the first bracelets for ourselves then we started making them for our friends, family, and colleagues. We soon realize many people can resonate with our story. That’s why we present our products through crowdfunding. Our goal is to offer high-quality ID jewelry that can empower people to live lives beyond their illness.

  • Our Story
  • Our Mission
  • Our Mission

    We started Code Blue Jewelry to reinvent the medical ID jewelry that we ourselves would want to wear with confidence. We believe in personal, well-made medical jewelry that not only save lives but also compliment your daily activity.

    We let our product speaks for itself. Our versatile design can effortlessly transition through any outfits or seasons.

  • We value our customers
  • Each piece is consciously handcrafted and personalized with our customer’s input from fulfilling unique personalization requests to gift-wrapping services. Our medical jewelry provides the standard for quality and craftsmanship that you deserve.
    We want you to be as excited about wearing it as we are about making it.

    If you have any questions, please let us know!
    We look forward to handcrafting you something special. Thank you for shopping with us, and enjoy!

Give Back

  • Photo Courtesy Of Malaria ConsortiumPhoto Courtesy Of Malaria Consortium
  • Our goal is to run a brand that we can be proud of, and this is imbued in every decision we make. We measure our success by the positive impact we have in the community. Code Blue partnered with Malaria Consortium so that when you purchase our jewelry pieces, YOU will provide 14 malaria diagnostic tests to the most vulnerable children in Africa.

    Every month, we select a charity that makes a significant impact on public health in developing countries and donates a portion of profits from sales on to that cause.

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