Frequently asked questions

What should I engrave on my medical ID?

Although medical ID can’t prevent something bad from happening to you or your loved ones, it gives peace of mind knowing that your medical ID can provide helpful information for paramedics, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or other first responder in the event that you are unable to communicate for yourself.

We recommend you engrave:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Medical Condition(s)
  • Treatment Considerations
  • Food and Drug Allergies
  • Life-Saving Medications
  • Emergency Contact Number with area code (ICE is recognized as an abbreviation for “In Case of Emergency” and is commonly listed before your emergency phone number instead of a name.)

How to find coordinates

Use the link below to search for your custom coordinates.

  • Type the location of your favorite place into the "Address" box:
  • Coordinates format:
    1. DD format: 40.71278º N -74.00594º W
    2. DMS format: 40º 42' 46'' N 74º 0' 21'' W
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